The Chamber’s Certificate in the Theory of Breadmaking is a course which has been designed to teach the theoretical aspects of plant baking.  The subject matter covers:

  • The history of bread

  • The quality attributes of bread

  • South African bread legislation

  • Health and safety in the bakery

  • The ingredients of bread

  • The dough making process

  • Plant layouts

  • The bread baking process

  • Bread cooling and packaging

  • Bread faults

The Learning Guide for the Certificate in the Theory of Breadmaking is copyright protected and may be purchased from the Chamber.


Although the course could be covered adequately in ten to fifteen days of full-time study, it is recommended that it be spread over about six months to assist learners in assimilating the contents of each section in detail and relating the theoretical knowledge to the practical situations on the bakery floor.


The course is aimed at persons with the responsibility of supervising production in a plant bakery.  It is anticipated that the course will also appeal to people who wish to further their career in the baking industry such as food technologists, personnel involved in the bread production process and other personnel not directly involved in the baking process.  It is essential that candidates should be able to read and write English to obtain full value from the Learning Guide and handle the examination which is conducted in English.


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